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Neighbourhood Planning Facilitation

In community design, we practice the principle that the best plans are driven by neighbourhood involvement, using local knowledge and expertise, and responding directly to needs expressed by residents. For this reason, we often use the design charrette approach with neighbourhood residents as the client group. Typically these projects are sponsored by local government, though sometimes by private sector owners.

Whether it’s a single building or a whole community, it is very important to have all the key players in the room when initial design concepts are generated. This can include current residents, future residents, representatives from stakeholder groups, regulatory authorities, etc., as well as design experts. The roles of planner, architect, engineer, landscape architect, interior designer, cost consultant etc. can also be supplemented by those knowledgeable in history, human behaviour, education, biology, law enforcement and any number of other disciplines, as needed. Often building contractors and project managers are included to bring detailed practical experience to the table.

We are very skilled at inclusive process and guiding consideration for all interests fairly. This can be a challenge when there are such diverse interests in the room as local government and regulatory authorities, owners, residents and advocacy organizations.


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